All characters’ lives only in one house.
Ate, Kuya and Pinsan are relatives, while Bata, KuyaTangkad and Doggie are Kuya’s Friends and that they are free loaders.
They go to school too. Ate and Kuya’s Parents are in abroad while Pinsan just lives with them, because she goes to the same school. She came from the province.
Kuya’s friends are not really a free loader, they just live in the same house because their houses are too far away from school and they pay their rent. So they treat the house as a dorm.

Why they are called Crazy Family
It’s simple Ate and Kuya are both siblings but they treat each other more than that. It’s the same to Pinsan. Ate also likes Doggie but she only treats him as a Pet Dog. KuyaTangkad and Bata are just extras to this comic. 

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Rich Guy and Poor Guy  

    Author: Abeille  Amore
    Illustrator: SpoiledBrat
    Editor: Chlly